Molecular Biology of Neuronal Cells

NeuroProof combines its MEA-neurochip approach with state-of-the-art molecular biology to support, optimize and validate it. In this way the functional outcome can be correlated with molecular biological, bio- and immunochemical data.

Western blotting and immune fluorescence microscopy are preferred tools which are performed in our S2-certified laboratory where the analyses can be combined with lenti-viral mediated RNA interference technology, cell transfection and GFP-technology.

Analytical data for validation include quantitative and tissue-specific culture composition (types and numbers of neurons, glia cells) and receptor detection/status in parallel to functional compound screening on MEA.

These data support the MEA analyses especially in our developmental assays and stem cell assays in a way that compound-dependent effects can be monitored at the level of associated cell types and receptors.

Image: Developmental stage-dependent concentration/response experiments show increasing potency which is in agreement with receptor expression