Screening Services for Pre-Clinical Development of Neuro-Pharmaceuticals

NeuroProof as a contract research organization is a global leader and preferred partner in the field of microelectrode array (MEA)-based phenotypic screening of primary cultures or hiPSC-derived neuronal cultures. NeuroProof offers screening services and state-of-the-art mathematical expertise for the artificial intelligence based analysis of test agents on neuronal network activity. Our services comprise the growing of neuronal cultures on MEA chips, medium- throughput screening of test agents, high-quality recording of spontaneous and compound-induced network activity, state-of-the-art mathematical analyses, and sophisticated pattern recognition methods. NeuroProof is your partner for developing new in vitro disease models with its functional phenotypic screening technology.

The unique platform is well suited to identify and characterize the effects of test agents on neuronal network activity, brain cell functioning, synaptogenesis, and behavioral connectivity.

Our company is specialized in the measurement of neuroproofnal network activity via microelectrode arrays (MEA)-neuroproofchips. We have extensive experience with a range of primary neuronal cell cultures and human neuronal stem cells, and with the recording and mathematical analysis of their spontaneous and compound-induced network activities.

Using our proprietary pattern recognition algorithms, we determine the similarity or difference of a compound to other known compounds and can compare your compound's phenotypic profile with profiles of compounds within our substance database for indicating new applications of your compounds, repositioning, or to test them for potential adverse effects.

This allows screening for differentiation from marketed compounds, mimicry of endogenous ligands, and assessment of synergistic effects. The cultures also allow to assess the impact on neuronal maturation, synaptogenesis, and regenerative properties as well as assessing the differentiation process of human stem cell cultures.