Screening Service for Neuroactive Drugs

NeuroProof technology provides customers with detailed information on functional neuroactivity profiles of their compounds during pre-clinical drug discovery and drug development. MEA-neurochip technology (tl_files/media/img/picture-icon.png) is a powerful tool to characterize network activity in electrically active cell cultures (tl_files/media/img/picture-icon.png), including stem cell-derived neurons.

Reasons to go for NeuroProof Services

  • Customers satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Every study is customized on the customer’s needs
  • Our validated technology
  • Our predictive disease models

NeuroProof Services - 2-stage approach

Primary screening:

  • High content and label-free analysis of neuronal activity changes: Phenotypic screening of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals with our cell based assays.
  • Validation and classification of neuronal network activity derived from human stem cell cultures.

Secondary screening (after primary screening):