List of available downloads


  • NeuroProof Company Flyer
  • Substance Database
  • Combination Therapy

Disease models and assays

  • Alzheimer: Functional Abeta rescue assay
  • Parkinson: Functional MPP+ prevention assay
  • Side effects: Phenotypic prediction of sedative or seizurogenic properties
  • Stem cells: functional classification of your human iPSC-derived neurons
  • Functional maturation assay: accelerating/delaying neuronal maturation


  • Phenotypic Screening of Nutraceuticals

Posters and oral presentations

  • SfN 2013: Poster MPP+ Parkinson Model
  • SfN 2014: Poster phenotypic stem cell derived activity
  • SfN 2014: Poster Abeta screening
  • SfN 2014: Poster sedation vs proconvulsion
  • AD-PD 2015: Poster MPP+ Parkinson, Abeta AD
  • SfN 2015: Poster Parkinson MPP+ model
  • SfN 2015: Poster Epileptogenesis in vitro model
  • SfN 2015: Poster iPSC neuronal cultures
  • SfN 2015: Poster in vitro functional maturation
  • SfN 2015: Poster in vitro seizure liability model
  • ISN&N 2016: Poster Functional phenotypic comparison of activity patterns


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